Driver's resume - a ticket to work

A driver is a person who gets paid for driving a vehicle, carrying passengers or freight. Today, there are different driver specialties, such as:

  1. Personal driver carries out the transportation of a specific person(s), such as the director of a company, a private person;
  2. A forwarding driver carries out transportation and escort of cargo, including execution of shipping documents;
  3. A public transportation driver carries out transportation of passengers in buses, trolley buses, route cabs within the city limits and outside the city;
  4. Long-distance truck driver drives trucks over long distances and transports cargo.

These specializations have certain differences and when hiring a candidate for the position there are corresponding requirements.

But in any case, if you want to join the ranks of drivers without a competent resume, because in this document you will disclose and formulate:

  • your work experience, driving experience as a de facto professionalism;
  • available categories of license;
  • certain professional skills, which are relevant and important in this particular field of activity;
  • personal achievements and qualities.

The better you can present yourself as a professional in this field, without exaggerating your strengths, of course, the higher your chance of getting a job. Most importantly: forklift operator resume is not an advertisement, it is the first step on the way to your goal.

The resume is an adequate self-assessment, a way to draw attention to yourself as a specialist, an experienced worker in a particular field of activity, and the profession """"driver"""" is no exception!

Driver resume as a presentation

Driver resume often begins with an introductory part, which includes the name of the candidate for the position, his date of birth and place of residence, marital status, contact phone number.

In the main, central part of the presentation, the candidate's education (profile, specialty) is necessarily indicated, which is proof of the level of qualification.

In personal qualities it is necessary to specify the following, if any:

  • excellent knowledge of highways of the city, district;
  • presentable appearance (important for a personal driver);
  • punctuality (always important);
  • absence of bad habits (for example, non-drinker);
  • excellent knowledge of the technical side of the car.